Northanger Abbey (Book Reveiw)

isn’t it fitting that my first post be a book review.

Northanger Abbey:

Main Characters: Catherine Morland (18) and Mr Henry Tilney (25)

Brief Synopsis:

Catherine Morland is young, pretty and is taken to Bath by her well-off Aunt and Uncle. there she meets Mr Tilney, the son of a rich general. After a while in Bath she is introduced to his sister, and she likes them both. she goes to stay at their house, and she has a great time but her obsession with dark and mysterious novels leads her imagination to think that General Tilney murdered Mr Tilney’s mother, so she goes to investigate and gets caught in the act by Henry who guesses her thoughts and is appalled. dejected she confesses all to Eleanor but is soon  after told that she must leave the house immediately and travel through the night to reach her home.

she does so and spends a week feeling very dejected, thinking that her prying upset Henry so much she was sent away. However, Mr Tilney comes to visit and explains the whole truth, then proposes to her, and she accepts.

My Opinion: I love this book, for it’s mysterious and intriguing side, it’s funny, scandalous and proud characters, how you can see Catherine change over time and also because i just love Catherine and Mr Tilney.

Rating: 9/10 

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