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Catherine Morlands Dresses in Northanger Abbey (bbc adptation 2007)

Catherine Morland (as portrayed by Felicity Jones) displays quite a few of different dresses and other garments, most presumably bought when she and Mrs. Allen went on a shopping expedition in Bath-


here are a few:

white muslin dress

The first dress we see is her white muslin dress, when she is still at home in Fullerton.

i love how this dress seems to portray Catherine’s simpleness and naivety, it’s very plain but gives lot’s of room for running and collapsing on the ground with her brothers and sisters.

Striped Blue dress with square neckline

Worn when she goes for a ride with John Thorpe, her first evening in bath, a travel dress.


Blue Sprigged Ball gown

Friday, went to the Lower Rooms; wore my sprigged muslin robe with blue trimmings.

this dress matches the books description very well, my only dislike being it makes her bust stick out a bit, but that was the fashion.

here you can see the dress’ blue trimmings-


a plain white cotton nightdress with frills round the neck and arms


Ball Gown with Green Trimmings.

worn at the second ball, in which she dances with John Thorpe and Mr Tilney.



Pink and White Ball Gown-

Worn when she last dances with Mr Tilney, by which time, Isabella is engaged

i particularly like the beading you can see on the bodice.


Day Dress with Inlay (cream/damask)

Catherine wears this on the day she spends a happy afternoon in the company of Henry and Eleanor.


Opera dress with ruffles-


Blue-Printed Day Dress.



Ruffle neck Day dress-

i couldn’t find many pictures sorry 



Gold Evening dress-

eugh. i don’t think anybody really likes this dress.

Striped Green Day Dress-

worn at Northanger Abbey when she’s writing a letter to Isabella Thorpe.

Blue Day Dress-

worn when she is discovered In Mrs. Tilneys forbidden bedchamber,


Ruffled Neckline Blue Check Dress-

worn on her first day back at Fullerton, and underneath a green apron when she tucks her siblings into bed.


Blue Day Dress-

worn when Mr Tilney proposes!



Blue and Cream Spencers.

 worn several times throughout the film, and when she is riding with Mr Tilney,

Pink Travel pelisse.

Catherine wears this on her journey from Fullerton to Bath, and back from Northanger Abbey to Fullerton but with a half-cape.


Blue Pelisse-

seems to be her favourite, and is worn several times during the film.



i think we can safely say that this is the Bonnet Catherine wears the most.


Larger Bonnet 

worn most noticeably when she takes a walk with Eleanor and Mr Tilney.

that is all for now. there we go. i hope to doing more of these in the future!





Northanger Abbey (Book Reveiw)

isn’t it fitting that my first post be a book review.

Northanger Abbey:

Main Characters: Catherine Morland (18) and Mr Henry Tilney (25)

Brief Synopsis:

Catherine Morland is young, pretty and is taken to Bath by her well-off Aunt and Uncle. there she meets Mr Tilney, the son of a rich general. After a while in Bath she is introduced to his sister, and she likes them both. she goes to stay at their house, and she has a great time but her obsession with dark and mysterious novels leads her imagination to think that General Tilney murdered Mr Tilney’s mother, so she goes to investigate and gets caught in the act by Henry who guesses her thoughts and is appalled. dejected she confesses all to Eleanor but is soon  after told that she must leave the house immediately and travel through the night to reach her home.

she does so and spends a week feeling very dejected, thinking that her prying upset Henry so much she was sent away. However, Mr Tilney comes to visit and explains the whole truth, then proposes to her, and she accepts.

My Opinion: I love this book, for it’s mysterious and intriguing side, it’s funny, scandalous and proud characters, how you can see Catherine change over time and also because i just love Catherine and Mr Tilney.

Rating: 9/10 

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